7 Psychological Ways How To Attract A Girl

Here are some best 7 Psychological Ways How To Attract A Girl by following 7 simple method, in so many cases boys do mistakes while taking action without thinking.

Emotional Contagion :

its studied that by emotional behaviour of one person effect on emotional behaviour of another person, in so many studies what you feel girl is also feeling the same, if you are excited girl is also feels the excited, if you are feeling fun the girl feels the same… its the best Psychological tricks . too many boys start shying and feels awkward in case of start talking with crush they feel awkward and shy by this their crush also feel the same. Do fun, tease, jock with her.

Social Proof and Preselection :

its mean that not to chase the girl you like you should aslo talk with another girl. if you talk with another girl confidiently also make them friend then your crush mind will say that all the girls are also attract with him, its called social proof

the general of social experimental its studied that girl like that guy who is already has been in relationship, in their comparison that the guy is used to be single. Its means that girl feel something special is in guy. If you are a single than dont worry. Firstly I said that keep doing fun tease joke more.

The Self Verification Theory :

How To Attract A Girl

according this theory Girls want that understand her same as she understand herself, mostly girls feels strong and independent. If your crush start feeling that how much you make her feel good, positive and careful person it will create a strong relationship. Also it will help you to make her start living around you.

Look into her Eyes :

How To Attract A Girl

By means that if you start talking with her you should make eye contact instead of any where,its the best method How To Attract A Girl. By looking anywhere while talking she will feel that you are not getting interest in her talk. Instead if you are start looking into her eyes or sometime onto her lips it creates feel seduction between both of you.

according to research whenever somebody talks they look into tier eyes 30-40% whereas in case of couple as comparison to others are 75%

More Oxytocin :

How To Attract A Girl

its also said that Love harmone, studies said that when mother gives birth to her child then oxytocin harmone increases by this mother feels love and nourish as compare to others. By this harmone couple feels more love so try to get more oxytocin in her body. Simple method to produce more oxytocin harmone by simple Physical touch, shoulder touch while talking.

Share A Secret :

How To Attract A Girl

That is you should share some secret with your crush it makes her feel that you are important to her also trust. Usually, you don’t share the secret with anybody . by so many studies it is found that it creates more attraction between both and trust. If she shares some secret with you don’t share with somebody it will break her trust on you.

The Consistency Bias :

How To Attract A Girl

By mean that get some help from her eg. while studing or talking by this she will feels that she should like you subconsciously . best way How To Attract A Girl Note: that you should take simple help not more demanding otherwise she will feel negativity by taking you

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